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Scholarship Update

By: Donna Chan Chu

The Coronavirus COVID-19 has affected us in many ways-schools are closed, restaurants are closed even parks are closed. It has also affected Wa Sung by the no gathering order. With this order in affect for an indefinite amount of time there will be no Wa Sung General Meetings, no Wa Sung Board Meetings, no Easter Pancake Breakfast and no Merit Scholarship Awards Dinner.

The bad news of not holding an awards dinner also has good news. The good news is that we will be giving out scholarships. It is Wa Sung’s tradition and mission to continue to provide scholarships to our youth.

The school closures have made us extend the deadline date to Monday, April 20 for turning in all applications and documents. We will be processing the applications as usual, making sure all the required documents are received, reading the recommendation letters and essays and selecting the winners. Instead of having the winners attend in person to receive their merit award, we will be sending it out by mail.

Please inform your friends and family of this change in the new deadline date. Every application received dated on or before April 20 will be judged equally.

If there are any questions or concerns about the Merit Scholarship Program, please contact Donna Chan Chu at

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