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The Wa Sung Community Service Club, pursuant to its goals, ideals and by-laws, dedicates itself to increased service to the Oakland-East Bay Community and declares as its primary purpose:

  • Fostering understanding among all people of our community;

  • Encouraging the recognition and preservation of the ethnic and cultural diversity of our community;

  • Seeking to establish a community in which every person is encouraged to reach his or her highest potential;

  • Assisting the Oakland-East Bay to become a community in which all residents work together in a climate of creative cooperation and peace.

Accordingly, this Club shall devote the majority of its service and money to:

  • Developing a membership of community leaders committed to the foregoing purposes;

  • Implementing programs to aid youth in obtaining academic and vocational education and employment;

  • Implementing programs to aid in improving community relations and understanding.

Statement of Purpose

Adopted by Board of Directors

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